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Kevin Wolf presets What I think at midnight ! The webcomic, that fleshes out the world of our indie video game Song of Calamity, can now be read right here.

Author and artist Kevin Wolf (www.künstlerwolf.de), the art director of SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE, is creating this ongoing webseries since march 2020. Each chapter concludes the story of one of the games characters, events or places. The fall of the Butterfly marks the start! In the first chapter of this webcomic the reader can learn all about a poor soul that sought the void of death, only to stumble into the world behind the veil, a manifestation of humanity´s collective subconsciousness.

This dark and twisted webcomic utilizes phantastic imagery of traditional german expressionism and mixes it up with psychedelic colors, patterns and elements. The art of the comic pages are created with Wolf´s recognizable mix of photography, photo-bashing (with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom and ProCreate) and digital painting. This unique mix of image manipulation and traditional art is what makes this comic so special. Just as the world behind the veil is a blend of reality and fantasy, is the artstyle an expression of even that all by itself.

All comic pages are provided as high resolution and very detailed images and sorted into their associated chapters. Every chapter is about one event or character, but all chapters will tie together eventually.

Check out the latest page and read the whole story up to that point here!

What I think at midnight page 15
What I think at midnight page 15

If you want to learn more about our game studio SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE and our games check out our homepage. We hope you enjoy our free webcomic! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

– The Sleipnir Team

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