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Newsletter: From A to Z, from Alpha to Omega

Hello dear Sleipnir-gang!

Two weeks are for some a long and for others a short time. But they are over now and therefore we want to share the general newsletter from SleipnirdreamwareHunter of the lost Alpha-Ark!

The past two weeks were all about the alpha-test of our 16 bit retro game “The Hunter of Falkenberg” . Everything? No! A small village…

Simple fixes like grammar or spelling mistakes were rather easy things that we were able to fix without a lot of effort. But when you can walk on trees or game objects in the world and our coder Mr. Fu needs three hours to fix it, it’s not an easy fix.

Over the trees! Here is endless freedom!

When we asked him where the problem was, we received the following answer:

“I have no idea. I looked for the reason for the sprites. Found it, removed a line of code. Since then it works.” 

Therefore: Genius work in progress!

We also will find out the reason for the double sprites. You’re not drunk, we can assure you!

HIC! I’m seeing double! It’s the wine’s fault!!

Good thing about those processes is that we’re growing as a team and keep improving. We’re learning the systems better and learning more about the code and then those funny pictures result which we can tweet and post about.

Talk to the Team (Tttt) – Making pixelart: Just moving one-colored squares?

Our good “The Hunter of Falkenberg” excels – among other things – for its great 16 bit retro look. Responsible for those mostly pixel-like characters and its animations is our good-evil pixeldemon Rasak. About time that we get him here to answer a few important questions.

Hi Rasak! Who are you in real life?

Hey! I’m Nick, a little German pixel-artist and game-dev at the best age of 26 years, star-sign gemini and I don’t even know my blood type. I don’t think I’m exciting enough to find any more things to say about me.

How did you get into pixelart? Why do you like it?

I have always been creative, possibly influenced by my elder brother and loved games. So the idea to create games on my own wasn’t far-fetched. I guess it’s the dream of many gamers. The engine I picked for myself came with it’s own graphic presets. But who wants to use standard stuff? So I started to replace those graphics. At the start it was not so… good but in time with some exercising and experience it got better. What do I like about pixeling? Hm.. Probably just creating things. Several graphics that make a world full of stories. And in the end I can say: “Look what I did!”

How did you get into Sleipnir Dreamware? What were your own gamedev-experiences?

Brace yourself for the epic story how Sleipnir recruited me:
I was asked and said yes. Yes, it was that exciting! Before that I created some graphics for Kevin (MagicalSpaceWizard) for his game “Song of Calamity” and edited some and one day he came and asked if I would want to do games together with him and André (Boandlkramer) with the ultimate goal to do it commercially eventually. And who says no when you can turn your hobby into your job?

How did your “Pixelart creating” develop over time? What changed compared to earlier?

Of course some things have changed. Slowly but steadily. I don’t even notice anymore but when I look at old pixel-art from me a year afterwards I just think: “What the heck did you do there…?
When I started I didn’t even pixel but painted pixel-like. I had no experience with pixel-art, so I just painted. And I tried that in “small”. It went pretty fast. And I can’t show anybody because it would be embarrassing!

What is your favourite pixel animation that you created for the Hunter?

Puh, I would need to look how much I actually created there. Is it cheating when I just pick the whole tavern “Forgotten Heroes”? There are so many different pieces in there that are one of the most beautiful rooms together where things happen in every corner. Different personas and characters… I could look at the screen the whole day.

What are your biggest inspirations when it comes to pixel-art? Do you have role-models?

Hmm, not really. I don’t have role models. I don’t follow other pixel artists really. I don’t wanna get influenced but create my own stuff. But I did get influenced by scenes in some games. No matter if it’s levels, characters or monsters that I liked enough so I remember them.

How long does it take to create a new pixel-character including movement? How long do you need to debug the movement?

If it’s only about a character standing and moving in 8 directions, then around eight hours. Of course depending how detailed and it needs to be. (And how motivated I am, but don’t tell anybody!)

Thank you for your time dear Rasak! Check out his assets HERE!

It’s raining men!

There isn’t anything going on besides the internal alpha test? Oh, there is! In “Song of Calamity” happened a bit too in the background. The community said, that there aren’t enough male characters in the game. And what does a good developer do, when he hears that? Right! Ignore it! Do something about it of course! And as a strong WIP we present that new, cool dude:

Doesn’t he look badass with his fancy biker-jacket? What kind of symbols are that? The signs of his defeated enemies? What is that on his back? Stay put for the next update and newsletter!

Once upon a time in Jam Land!

Pixel-master Rasak took part in a little game jam in the past weeks in a German RPG Maker Forums.

With Kuchisake Nighttrain he created a horror game that is based on a japanese fairy tale, with a very special atmosphere..

Daydreams of a writer

That shall be it for the past two weeks. The title-picture of today is from a past trivia tuesday about the earl of Bear Hollow. Check out the video on our youtube channel or click HERE!

We’re always glad when people follow us, message or communicate through one of our channels. Check out our info-page with all of our channels:

Take care!

Your Sleipnir-gang!

Dream Factory News 31.08.2021

Hello dear Sleipnir-comrades! Welcome to the first edition of the Dream Factory News (DFN), your Sleipnir news!

We intend to share our latest game development progress with you every two weeks. So, let’s get started:

Grow, dear team!

We’ve added two new members to the known faces André Schmidt aka Boandlkramer (Writer and CEO), Kevin Wolf aka MagicalSpaceWizard (Art Director), Dominik Klotz aka Rasak (Pixel Artist), Andre Kalwitzki aka Kalle (Music) and Stephanie Sh aka Seshomaru (Character Artist):

  • Markus Fu. aka Mr. Fu joins the team as an excellent coder who seems to be able to solve all problems. YAY!
  • Tobias S. aka Dizzy is ready to expand our community (& social media) and to entertain them with cool stuff (management). He isn’t ready for duty as a coding beginner just yet, but working on it!.

We are hoping that we can increase the quality of our games for you by expanding our team with skilled members from all over the world!

Projects, increase yourself!

Our project portfolio continues to grow. Besides our main project, “The Hunter of Falkenberg” we’re working on “Song of Calamity” (by our dear Wizard), “Frostfate” (Rasak’s project) and our GMTK Jam 2021 project “The Hunter of Falkenberg – Rite of Sundering” (mostly known as Rite of Sundering) and most recently the already known “Astendir – the Fallen Kingdom” from our Boandlkramer. 

However at the top of our priority list is currently the release of the new demo-version of the Hunter of Falkenberg and to promote it for further success. But we think it is always a good thing to work on a few projects at the same time in different stages of development..

Hunter of Falkenberg Progress

Here we had really a lot of progress, but slow down with the eight-legged horses!

Let’s start with the most important news:

The upcoming free demo will be released on Steam! This is a very important step for us and we’re really excited that we’re at this point now. We keep you updated of course!

We’re now in the alpha-test-phase. The translation took longer than planned and since we wanted to offer the demo also in German this required a lot of work also in the coding area to properly implement the different languages for the menus etc.

Here we got a few impressions from our Boandlkramer where you can see how funny translating can be:

“I’ll do that later. Have to translate further.”

“Sorry, my head is buzzing after 6 hours of translating and I’m still on it.”

“I have to translate. Got enough on my plate.”

“I have to translate.”

“Well, I will continue to translate.”

“I’m going to play a bit. 4 hours of translating have to be enough”

That’s how the real fun looks!

The menus changed a lot compared to the jam-version. The feeling to really have a book with you while travelling helps a lot with the immersion.

New menu (the spikes above are from the map, not from the menu!)

Are we finished with everything and will the demo be released soon? Unfortunately not! There are a few graphic assets missing and a bit of coding stuff that needs to be finished while we’re alpha testing. Afterwards there will be the beta-test-phase. You want to join the tester-team? Visit our Discord-server! Every helping hand is welcome!

Happenings in Rite of Sundering

A lot of things changed in the spin-off to our “The Hunter of Falkenberg” since the jam-release. We recently released the “after-game-jam” update with bugfixes and German and even Bavarian translation. The performance increased however we’re not yet at the niveau where we want it to be. But we’re content with the release in general now since it is an important part of our Hunter universe.

Lilly, slaughterer of highscores.

We will continue to optimize it and are grateful for feedback.

Meow-ish “Song of Calamity”-News

Many things changed and happened to our classic turn-based gothic RPG “Song of Calamity”. Our magical SpaceWizard is constantly working on it and adds new features and on the new episode. For example is our cat-companion Maurice helping with finding map exits now.

There are also new artworks made by the Wizard, that even made it to be a game-dev-meme!

You can look forward to the next episode! The English localisation is already in development!

Luicid last words

This shall be enough for new input. There are many more things to tell but we think this is enough for a new summary now.

We’re always happy when people follow us, write to us or communicate in any way. Check our info-site with all important channels, where we’re at:

Until then!

Your Sleipnir-gang!

Devblog 26.04.2021

Hey guys! Today we want to share the current progress of our game “The Hunter of Falkenberg“ in our devblog.

It’s been a few days since our last blog and update, so we think it is about time to bring you to the current status.

All busts have been reworked and are finished. Additionally to the ones from Sigurd and Lilly a few important NPCs got busts now as well. Some have been showed already on the screenshot-saturdays.

Some cutscenes will have artworks and videos, those are finished as well. We won’t show most of them, as to not spoil anything from the game to you.

We’re making good progress with the pixel-art, Rasak has been and is working constantly on the new character-sprites. But there is still a good way to go until things are finished, as there are a few hundred sprites to be done.

We start to implement the new dialogues, cutscenes and game-mechanics this week. First the English version, and later then in German, as the game will be released bilingual.

So, that’s it for this blog-post. We will post the next devblog when the next construction-site has been finished.

If you want to get instant updates of our development-progress please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and join our Discord-server. There we share screenshots, artworks and other updates frequently and you can ask questions, make suggestions and just interact with our development-team.

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in our game!

Have a nice week

Your Sleipnir-Dreamware-Team

Song of calamity | soundtrack released

Hi everybody!

We just released the official SONG OF CALAMITY OST!
The final 1.0 Beta, which will be the base for our kickstarter campaign, will feature 22 original songs. (Of which 18 are ready right now, so better start listening right now!)

The Sountracks feature a vide variety of genres, including rock, metal, jazz, industrial and psytrance.

The songs will be your company while you traverse through the everchanging forest Nimmerend, a manifestation of human subconsciousness, in SONG OF CALAMITY!

Trivia Tuesday | Switchblade, the homicidal murder fairy

Welcome to our new #TriviaTuesday​​ series, in which we release videos, texts and music to flesh out some characters, events or places of our games every tuesday!

This time you get to know Switchblade, one of the playable characters of “Song of Calamity”. Learn more about our 16bit turn based RPG at The beta version in german language will be released this month. Translation to english already started and will hit Steam later in 2021!

new webcomic

Kevin Wolf presets What I think at midnight ! The webcomic, that fleshes out the world of our indie video game Song of Calamity, can now be read right here.

Author and artist Kevin Wolf (www.kü, the art director of SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE, is creating this ongoing webseries since march 2020. Each chapter concludes the story of one of the games characters, events or places. The fall of the Butterfly marks the start! In the first chapter of this webcomic the reader can learn all about a poor soul that sought the void of death, only to stumble into the world behind the veil, a manifestation of humanity´s collective subconsciousness.

This dark and twisted webcomic utilizes phantastic imagery of traditional german expressionism and mixes it up with psychedelic colors, patterns and elements. The art of the comic pages are created with Wolf´s recognizable mix of photography, photo-bashing (with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom and ProCreate) and digital painting. This unique mix of image manipulation and traditional art is what makes this comic so special. Just as the world behind the veil is a blend of reality and fantasy, is the artstyle an expression of even that all by itself.

All comic pages are provided as high resolution and very detailed images and sorted into their associated chapters. Every chapter is about one event or character, but all chapters will tie together eventually.

Check out the latest page and read the whole story up to that point here!

What I think at midnight page 15
What I think at midnight page 15

If you want to learn more about our game studio SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE and our games check out our homepage. We hope you enjoy our free webcomic! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

– The Sleipnir Team

Sleipnir Dreamware website online!

We are happy to welcome you on our brand new studio homepage!
On this page we will post regular updates regarding the progress of development on our featured games, backstage stuff and articles about other different and exciting projects.

Celebrate with us by checking out our games The Hunter of Falkenberg, Song of Calamity and Frostfate. If you want to get in touch make sure to join our Discord Server and to subscribe to our Newsletter!

The Hunter of Falkenberg

The Hunter of Falkenberg was created by SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE for the Itch Retro Jam 2021.

In this shortgame you play as Sigurd von Falkenberg, a hunter, well versed in killing monsters of all kind. But you are no hero. Hunters only work for coin and are rarely welcome anywhere. Their secret occult techniques allow them to absorb monster abilities and so they are feared and hated by most of their customers, who see them as degenerated abominations. Only the steady demand of Sigurds proficient skills in combat and magical-annihilation stands between him and the ever daunting threat of becoming an outlaw.

Accompanied by his apprentice Lilly, a young , very talented and sometimes rather cocky, Hunter aspirant, they travel into the haunted Blackswamp to save the dwellers of the village Usdir from an ancient evil…
and empty their pockets.

The Hunter of Falkenberg Alpha Release Trailer

The Hunter of Falkenberg was developed to comply to the technical limitations of the retro gaming console XBOX.

 is a newly formed indie studio from Germany. To discuss The Hunter of Falkenberg and for more information on their upcoming games, you can join their discord at

NSFW Warning:
The game contains pixelated blood and gore

How to play & Controls:
The game can be controlled by Gamepad or Mouse/Keyboard combo.

Gamepad controls:
Analogue stick – Movement
D-Pad – Cycle Skills
A – Action
B – Menu
Y – Use Skill
X – Attack
LB – Dash
RB – Switch Skills
LT – Switch Command
RT – Change target

Keyboard/Mouse controls:
WASD – Move
Shift – Dash
Mouse – Click to attack and use GUI skills
Number keys: Use skills from skill bar
Space bar: Talk / Inspect
F4: Fullscreen

Arrow keys: Navigate menu

Further Info:
Playtime estimated at 30 minutes. 
The game has an auto-save feature and saves on each map.
Virus warnings when executing the game on Windows operating systems can be ignored, as they are false alerts which may occur due to our customized icon.

For an overview of the credits please use the in-game credit option. For jam purposes: Pre existing tilesets and animations have been used. All sprites and artworks were created for the jam.

Hunter of Falkenberg © 2021 Sleipnir Dreamware