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Dream Factory News 11/24/2021 – We got the whole world in our paws!

Hello, dear Sleipnir gang!

A bit at the last minute, but still here in time for the latest news from our little game forge! In time? Good. Unfortunately, one day too late. Due to an illness of our devblog writer, the blog post had to be postponed by one day. Please excuse this!

* Pokemon battle music * A wild coder wants to code!

It only takes 2 weeks and a new coder has already been brought into the team. So let’s warmly welcome our newest team member “ST0RMTiger”. Together with Mr.Fu, he will take care of all other ones-and-zeros-matters. So: Applause! Applause!

This of course opens up completely new resources for the entire game development process. We are now able to work on two projects in parallel in order to be able to present you even more games.

Long live the effects of beta!

Our beta phase of our first Steam game “The Hunter of Falkenberg” ended some time ago, but the demo is not yet fully ready for delivery. There are several reasons for this, but here is the most important information:

–         There is also an update to the combat system, which should boost the performance a bit. Of course, this still takes a little time to be properly implemented

–         We are still working on a small UI to improve our in-game shops, where you can get all kinds of useful things for Sigurd and his companion.

–         Two other important features also find their way into the demo: A skill tree and a reputation system. The skill tree will take a lot of brainpower to create your perfect hunter. The reputation system, on the other hand, ensures that, depending on your behaviour to the inhabitants of the world, their dialogues, but also other things, change.

There is also a bit of polishing here and there to give you a really nice gaming experience when the demo is finally available for free on Steam. When that will be is not yet 100% certain, but of course we will always keep you up to date if something more meaningful emerges. Until then, you are welcome to submit a wishlist entry on our Steam page, then you will be informed immediately if we change something.

Click HERE to add the game to your wishlist!

Talk to the Team (TttT) – I like you! You like me! I do socializing things you see!

If you are wondering who on Twitter and reddit ensures that regular tweets or posts appear there or who enjoys dealing with influencers and looking for contact with other communities, then stop! You found him! (GameMaking) Dizzy is here to share a little bit about his social world with you. 

Hello Dizzy, Lord of the CTR, social media dude, master of cell phone autocorrect. Who are you really and what is there to report about you?

–         Hey, dudes and dudesses! Dizzy was once my stage name when I was at school, when I nodded off at the piano in the middle of a concert, but you can also call me Tobi.
One thing that is very important to me at the moment: I became a dad for the first time this year and I have just as much computer time as I did in kindergarten. That’s why I’m currently writing a lot with a good smartphone.

Back then you applied as a coder for the team, but now you work in a completely different area. How come?

–         At first it was only intended as an emergency solution, because I just have so little PC time, but it somehow turned out that I can handle social media and mainly Twitter quite well. So now I’ve stuck with it.

In addition to the social media area, you have recently also taken on marketing tasks. Aren’t these completely different activities?

–         Community engagement on Twitter and marketing analyzes have similar requirements. I like to get in touch with people and chat with them. But it is also important to me that I find all the fans out there who (will) be interested in us and our projects. I like to tinker on tweets to get a few more clicks. I like to study the numbers and define target groups. Everything is very exciting!

You used to develop your own and released your own short games. Why did you choose to stop?

–         I never stopped being a dev. Also, what I’m doing now is an important part of serious game development. So here, too, I am expanding new knowledge not only for the team, but also for myself. But I much prefer to work in a team. I am not a graphic artist or musician. I can’t read overly complicated code either. Life as a Solodev is far more exhausting. But I can bring my strengths to bear much better in a team. The dialogues with the others always provide refreshing motivation.

Where do you see the particular strengths of your debut game “The Hunter of Falkenberg”? Is it easy to market?

–         Personally, I’m not very concerned about the general marketing of the Hunter. The cool music and the cool art style always go wonderfully. The atmosphere of the game is also very coherent and exudes a lot of retro charm thanks to all the specially pixelated details. This mixture is what makes the Hunter so special in my opinion.

What are you personally working on in the team at the moment? Can you show us something spoilery? Do you enjoy this activity?

–         At the moment I was working on an analysis of the various social media channels and distribution platforms in order to give the team a kind of status report and what our numbers can tell us. I had a lot of fun writing the data together and doing the analysis, as I learned a lot of new things myself. Solely the fact that I wrote over 90% of the report with my cell phone is a bit bitter, since a lot of time was spent on correcting auto-corrections.

A tweeter only has a very limited number of characters available for a tweet. Describe your favorite Pokémon yourself in a maximum of 4 words.

–         It always goes “PIKA!”

Maybe just one word would have been enough for the last question, but you should always try your best.

This is the end of this blog entry as we know it!

The end of this 2-week blog post has been reached. The end for today. It will continue in 2 weeks and we hope to have you with us again. The end of the interviews is not yet in sight, as our team has already grown again. And who knows? Maybe we’ve got some cool new moving gameplay pictures to show you next week!

Until then!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows our great artists latest work: Motherly love! This Centralized Block of Italicized Text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here! Also click HERE to wishlist our “The Hunter of Falkenberg”! 

Dream Factory News 09.11.2021 – Let’s let out some Steam (page)!

Hello Slepnir-Gang!

The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster ride of gamedev related feelings. The steam page for our latest game The Hunter of Falkenbergis ready now and beta-testing is done as well. So what’s next?

Hooray, a Steam page!

It took way too long, but it’s finally here! A Steam page was born and is ready to get some sweet wishlist entries from you. Klick HERE or on the gif!

We are also happy to announce a soft re-launch of the page. We are not quite happy with it yet and are still tinkering here and there. Stay tuned for updates!

Once upon a time… the Beta ended!

It’s hard to believe, but slowly the last Beta reports are coming in. The question “But there will be more, right?” came up alot, which of course makes us very proud. To create something people actually want to play and more of is great.

Until the demo version finally goes public there is however still some work to be done. Our artist Stephanie created some nice new artworks for the upcoming trailer video. Some sketches of these artworks can already be seen on Twitter right now:

We want to showcase just how many steps of work are needed to create just one artwork. Amazing, isn´t it?

So, what more is there to do? Everything! For the new Steam page we are creating new graphical assets, like Screenshots and the trailer, and we are polishing the whole thing here and there. We can´t tell exactly when it will be done yet, but it should be expected around the end of 11/2021.

Talk to the Team (TttT) – There is magic in the air. The space wizard is everywhere!

Our TttT category is slowly coming to an end, as we are running out of team members, but one person has been missing until now. He wasn´t to be found in this reality, nor in the next, but today he pulled himself out of his own tophat for his latest magical trick! Kevin aka. the MagicalSpaceWizard. So, quick! A few questions before he disappears into the nether again.

Hello MagicalSpaceWizard, master of mystical arts! Illustrator of secrets, master of the dark arts! So many titles, every single one well deserved. But how should we refer to you?

  • Greetings! I go by so many names that it matters little how you call me. Chances are I won’t get it anyway because I am stuck in something else right now. But you can try “Kevin”. Not a lot is known about me, but these days my gig is art director of Sleipnir Dreamware. I got my watchful eye over everything related to our audiovisual output and my job is to ensure our creative vision is represented in a fitting and stylish way.

In the team you are not only creating art, designs, music and some levels, but you are also known for different projects. How did you experience the forming of the fellowship… ehh.. team from your perspective?

  • Andre aka. Boandlkramer approached me and suggested some kind of cooperation. After checking out his portfolio and finding he was a splendid and jolly guy I agreed. Together we asked Nick aka. Rasak to pixel for us, and he agreed as well! Sleipnir was riding! Starting there the rest of the team slowly assembled to fill gaps and before I knew I was sitting here answering this interview. Crazy how time flies!

In The Hunter of Falkenberg and other projects you got a lot of different tasks to complete. Which do you find most stressful and what was your biggest challenge yet?

  • In a small development studio everyone wears several hats, so everyone takes on several tasks. At the Hunter I contributed to the music, created levels, designed graphic elements and also created the assets for marketing, the website and various social media channels. Before you, our dear Dizzy, joined the team, I was very busy with it. This time was the most exhausting for me. So I’m all the happier to have you on the team! Nice to have you.

As we can see, you have gained experience in different areas. What does a typical working day in Sleipnir Dreamware look like for you? What do you find particularly fascinating about your work in a team?

  • Once a day I go through all the tags in the Discord. Somebody always wants something from me. Once these tasks have been completed, I look in our internal project planning software to see which tasks are still open for me, and do them as well as I can. I mostly work with Photoshop for graphic elements, Premiere Pro for videos and Mixcraft Studio to produce the music. The nice thing about teamwork is the creative input from several people. Often unexpectedly cool things happen there that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

The die is cast! “The Hunter of Falkenberg” has reached Steam. A demo will also be released soon. Where do you see the game’s particular strengths?

  • For me, the Hunter’s greatest strength is definitely the atmosphere. As soon as it starts you will be thrown into this dark, but mystical, swamp mood of the Crescent Marshlands, which so many of our testers have already praised. I would like to agree with them here. The mixture of graphics, sound and texts is really awesome!

What are you personally working on in the team at the moment? Can you show us something spoilery? Do you enjoy this activity?

  • At the moment I’m still creating the last song for the soundtrack. The guitar has already been recorded, next are the drums and the synthesizer special effects. The whole thing looks like this at the moment:

Making music is one of the things I love to do most. It requires a special sense of audio aesthetics that is otherwise not used in daily life. I find that very appealing.

Like many of the team, you once worked as a solo dev. How is working with multiple people different now? Would you recommend this to other Solodevs too?

  • Working in a team is definitely different than going solo. On the one hand, you have a lot of helpers who also personally take on unloved tasks and thus make the work process faster. In addition, there is also the additional creative input mentioned above, which is very valuable. On the other hand, you have to be willing to compromise. For someone who wants to implement their own creative vision 100% on a project, teamwork could be difficult.

It is certainly not always easy to give images of certain things. Do you have role models or even muses that you can use as a guide?

  • I think every artist has their influences. Whether he is aware of it or not. There are so many with me that I’ll just name a few that come to mind first. On the one hand, there is H.R. Giger, who among other things was responsible for the design of the alien from “Alien”, but certainly also Salvadore Dali, who was the first to be remembered with his surrealistic images. Musically I would name Arjen Lucassen, who is known for composing and producing space operas with a large number of guest musicians. Working on the way he works and assembling many different people into something greater than the sum of its parts, I’ve definitely taken an example.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Less is enough for me to graduate. Describe your most important utensil for the perfect vacation in a maximum of 4 words without naming it!

  • Magic tablet and pen

Puff! Then he disappeared again. As a magical art director and dev you have so much work with so few hours a day. In this sense: Bibidi Babidi Buu!

28 minus 14 days later!

That’s it for this week with the latest Sleipnir news. We are proud to let you have a part in our game development and also in the development of ourselves. Because none of this would be possible without all of your support! And we now urgently need it in this first wishlist phase! So if you know people who might like our Hunter or us, help us get the word out.See you later,

Your Sleipnir crew.

Dream Factory News 26.10.2021 – Buggy-buggy Doo, where are you?

Hello dear Sleipnir-gang! This week’s dream factory newsis a bit shorter than usual because our priorities are the ongoing beta test for the Hunter of Falkenberg and finishing the fine details of the demo scheduled for release.

Plants are growing – mind blowing

A new website, support for our social media and our community manager Dizzy, and a few other important tasks are in the very capable hands of Nico Kobayashi now. Welcome to the Sleipnir Dreamware team! 

His first task? Creating a new website with a nice layout. Why? You’ll soon get to know.

There is more great news. Our social media manager Dizzy did an outstanding job and brought our twitter follower base up to 1,000 followers in just 5.5 months. Rasak created a beautiful pixel animation for this milestone.

Next step: 10,000!

Groundhog Bug day – Dialogue repeat yourself! 

Our closed beta test is going at a good pace and we were able to fix a lot of small things, such as writing or grammatical errors, but also our beloved layer bug, where you can walk over solid objects or where you are covered by something with no logical reason

It’s especially beautiful when there is a number-hiccup in the programming logic and that causes dialogues to be repeated. This reminds us of the classic movie “Groundhog Day” featuring Bill Murray, where he was trapped within a time loop with day repeating itself.

But there are a few bigger things on our bug fixing list: One of them being our save menu isn’t pretty yet and for some reason it wasn’t possible to revive the female sidekick Lilly during combat when she got defeated. But we were able to solve this in the last two weeks. Let the non-necromantic reviving begin! And we’re on the first point and should be able to solve that soon as well.

If you want to know more about our projects or just want to relax with us, please feel free to join our discord-server. We’re happy about every visitor!

Talk to the Team (Tttt) – Am I a One or rather a Zero to you?

When someone enables or disables switches and talks about different kinds of non-family-related relationships, then our programmer isn’t far. Sleipnir Dreamware, of course, also has its own coder, who has to deal with programming logic from external sources: Mr. Fu! 

Hello Mr. Fu, Guardian of the ones and the zeroes! Master of Google, Regent of the code! We’re glad that you can spare a few minutes of your precious time for us. What can you tell us about yourself? What would you like to share with the world here?

  • Hello world! I want to keep the introduction short and simple. My name is Markus, I am in my early 30s, married, have two wonderful children, come from beautiful Upper Bavaria and have been with the German armed forces for over twelve years.

When I was around ten years old, I first started working with the RPG maker. I have been learning “correct” programming since the beginning of 2018 and since August this year, I have been further training in order to be able to call myself a “certified C # programmer” at some point.

You could work on so many projects as a coder. How did you become a part of Sleipnir Dreamware?

  • In fact, I have other projects that are currently dormant. Well, the good Boandlkramer was looking for coders for Sleipnir Dreamware in the German RPG Maker MV forum. And I thought, why not? I already had contact with MagicalSpaceWizard and Rasak in relation to game development. I only knew Boandlkramer from his posts on the forum. But it was clear to me that everyone would complement each other with their strengths. And since I am now slowly entering a phase of professional change, it fitted quite well. After all, all of us want to make it their profession.

For the Hunter of Falkenberg and other projects you take over exhausting programming tasks. What has been the biggest challenge so far?

  • I think the intensive study of the AlphaABS plugin from KageDesu. The plugin is huge and with intricate details. It not only regulates the combat system but also the graphical user interface on the combat maps, the item system, status and skill windows, and movement in eight directions. In the meantime I have adapted it a lot to our needs. This ranges from adapted windows over to pausing the combat system for opponents up to the point that the group members retreat if Sigurd is too far away from them.

As a coder you need to be able to think logically because computers are only able to interpret logically as well. What fascinates you most about programming? 

  • Fascinating is a big word. I don’t think I am fascinated by programming anymore. I sometimes wonder when things that are totally logical to people don’t work. Or the other way round, when things work that are rather illogical to us. But objectively, of course, the computer is always right. Then you have to look for the errors in the code. Before I dealt in depth with programming code, it was quite fascinating to see what is possible with it.

How accurate on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 = absolutely accurate) is the following statement: Fixing a bug is the same as creating three new ones. Give reasons for it please!

  • Phew … I would actually say 1. Of course it happens that you add new bugs even though you wanted to fix one. But if that always happens, you can’t get out of the fix. Therefore the statement cannot be generally valid.

Has this happened to you too and how badly were the new bugs?

  • Yes … it did. In our project for the GMTK Jam 2021, I fixed a bug at the last minute, but as a result the game crashed in the end and the ranking of the players could not be seen. Just because I forgot a little condition. Unfortunately, these were functions of a plugin that I wrote myself … I think that was the most serious bug that I made worse.

If you could master a game development discipline right away to 100% which would it be? Why?

  • I don’t have the choice of disciplines here 😉 Hmm, it’s actually a difficult question, but I would say marketing. Because, no matter what you get up and running, without the right marketing, hardly anyone will know, buy and gamble about it.

Writing code means that you need to understand it and create it without twaddling around. Please describe your favourite meal with just 5 words without naming it!

  • Italian, pasta, filled, meat, round

Almost nobody beats Mr. Fu when it comes to logic. Same applies to the pure mathematical logic:

Jesus can walk on water.

I can walk on cucumbers.

Cucumbers consist of 96% of water.

So I’m 96% Jesus.

Think about it! It’s true!

The day after tomorrow?

Two weeks are passing by so fast and even if you thought there wasn’t a lot happening, you’re still writing a whole lot of text.

While our steam-page is in the process of finalising it and the beta test is ongoing, it’s time to think about the aftermath. What are the results? We can tell you about it in two weeks! 😛

Stay safe! 

Your Sleipnir-gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows a few people who might be considered as not-nice guys: Our villains? This Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server  should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here!

Dream Factory News 12.10.2021 – Yummy, crunchy Beta breakfast

Hello dear Sleipnir-gang!

Same wave, same place!

Well we’re not a radio channel but regularity is definitely part of professionality right? Let’s not waste any time and present the latest news from the past two weeks for you.

The “You’re not allowed in here” closed-beta-phase

As already announced in the last newsletter we finally finished our internal alpha-tests. After hard crunchy nights in which we fixed the last bugs and added new ones into our code our beta-testers can finally play our “absolutely bug free” version. Please excuse this joke from the game development daily routine but it’s not always easy to keep up to a certain quality level without losing yourself in details.

Even Star Wars knows that bugs return faster than you think.

Despite all of that it happens at times that you fix one bug and two new ones appear. As if there was a nest somewhere! For example there are again and again “layering” bugs, where our protagonists are standing on a tree, roots or something like that. Ghostly shadows can be here, as this beta-screenshot proves:

Who are you gonna call? Ghost hunters!

Even though there are some faults at times that need to be fixed, we also receive praisings for example for our hand-pixelated animations. Our good pixel-demon Rasak spent countless nights and annoying wishes but it paid off as we were told. 

If you want to get more news and information about our projects or just want to chat with our community members then please join our discord-server! Just click on the discord-pic:

Talk to the Team (Tttt) – Let’s meet the fairy tales and storytelling Grim Reaper!

Death sneaks up on us quietly… Oh! There he is already! This time we invited the almighty CEO of “Sleipnir Dreamware” for an interview: Boandlkramer! Here you can read what he has to say:

*Hello Boandlkramer! Or shall we rather call you André, your real life name? Please tell us something about the person beyond the black robe. Why the name of death?*

  • Hello! I’m okay with both really. I got used to being called Boandlkramer or Kramer. I chose the name because I like the Bavarian legend of “Brandner Kaspar” a lot, and Bully is great as Boandlkramer in the movie adaptation. Apart from that, I’d love to share a few things. I’m 32 years old, live in the beautiful Bavaria and work in the office of a midsized HVAC company. I love literature, classical music and writing. Therefore, it became my dream to create my own story as a book or a game.

Besides your post as co-founder and CEO in Sleipnir Dreamware you have the position as writer. What are you particularly interested in there?

  • I love literature and started writing stories early on in life. I began writing a novel many years ago but was unable to get my vision into a book in the end. I wanted to implement, for example, the ability to decide at certain points in the story; and that was the birth of the project “Astendir”. I love to get lost in worlds that others create and want to give others the same feeling.

How would you describe your first Sleipnir-experience? Was there a nice meeting with pretty beers or whatever you drink as death?

  • That wasn’t really spectacular. I hosted a game-jam where MagicalSpaceWizard and Rasak took part. I somehow started to talk to Wiz and we both said it would be cool to create a game together. He then said, let’s ask Rasak too. And when we talked in the group we pretty quickly agreed upon a common goal: to create games professionally together. All of us can put our strengths on display while limiting our weaknesses. And at some point, we extended the team. I knew Steph from my Astendir project, she’d hdraw already for me. Kalle joined through Wiz and Mr. Fu and Dizzy joined after the job offer in the dev-community.

You are currently already working on the concept of the full version of the Hunter. Can you share some mini-story-detail with us?

  • This is now of course hard without giving spoilers. But I can share that the base in the full version will be an extendable castle and you will, during the story, find out the whereabouts of Lilly.

There was a certain “The Witcher”-feeling in the first jam-version. Was that planned or coincidence?

  • The theme of the jam was to create a demake of a game. So we picked “The Witcher” as a role model and added our own style into it. So definitely planned.

What are your biggest inspirations when it comes to writing? Do you have role models?

  • Of course I do. I’ve always loved classical writers like Goethe and Schiller. But, in particular, I like the way George RR Martin creates his characters, they all are grey and layered, none of them black or white. And I like the worlds that Richard Schwartz creates.

Writing texts that everybody understands easily and quickly isn’t easy. Please describe your favourite series as a child without naming it. In at most five words!

  • Chipmunks are fighting criminals together!

And people think that death only has one job! Here at Sleipnir Dreamware things continue even after life. If you want to know the name of the series, you can always follow our social media or community channels!

What comes next?

We’ll be more thrifty with updates in the next weeks as we don’t want to spoiler too much from the demo-version. We also decided for the good of the team members who were crunching the past weeks to only release a new beta-version once per week unless there are gamebreakers. This is also to save up energy for the upcoming tasks.

Additionally there are final steps for the steam-page so that we can gather wishlist-entries. We are also working on a game-website so you can really look forward to new and cool updates.

Stay put!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows Hunter Sigurd being proud of dear Lilly. We are also proud of all of you who have always been supporting us. This centralized block of italicised text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server in case you feel like chatting with us and the other community members, so we can send you update notifications once builds and other stuff get released. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here!

Dream Factory News 28.09.2021


Hello there dear Sleipnir-Gang!

Another two weeks passed by. Today we want to show you what happened when it came to Sleipnir Dreamware in this timeframe.

Let us Alpha-tain you! 

The gentle reader might wonder “Huh? Are they still not done with their alpha-test?” But we are indeed in the final part of our internal tests to avoid gamebreaker and other bugs for the beta-testers.
We had it all: From wrong animations to zoom problems and fights that didn’t trigger.

What a beautiful scene on this Twitter-Tweet! Now if the protagonists could only ever stand up!

But we have a certain claim to the quality of our work.

Of course nobody is perfect and doesn’t need to be, but we want to live up to the label “Made in Germany”. Apart from that we also already did some brainstorming about the full version of the game, on which we started to work already.

But we don’t want to finish this blog with something negative but with good news. The internal alpha-tests are coming to an end and as it looks like we will start the beta-test at the end of the week.

Why don’t you join our discord-server! Maybe you will get to know some beta-secrets. Or maybe not.

Talk to the Team (Tttt) – In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the Kalle sleeps tonight!

Do you hear the howling? The screams? Creepy music where it fits? If you can answer those questions with “yes” then don’t look any further! We present the SFX-soundmaster with the wonderful nick “Kalle:

Hi Kalle! What can you tell us about your real life without worrying?

  • Hi Dizzy. Without worrying? Nothing. xD But there’s a lot to tell if we ignore that. I’m full time-employed and only do music as a hobby. But it has always been important to me. It got less because of special circumstances but I will be more active again. Besides that I have to admit that I’m not part of the RPG-Maker-Community. Although I did experiment with the RPG-Maker 2000 around 20 years ago. I collected a few ideas for visual novels, RPG-systems, board game-mechanics and novels (because of the factor time never completed them though) and was a poetry-slammer. All of this besides my activity in a heavy-metal-band.

How did you get into making music for games? Are you playing an instrument yourself or even several of them?

  • The second question is easier to answer: I’m the guitarist in the band and sing the backing-vocals. I saved up in the past years for a little sound-studio which I was able to build up in my current apartment. I’m working among others with hardware-synthesizers although I’m not a keyboarder. But the possibilities that are there for quite some time make it possible to produce music, even when you’re not that nimble-fingered. It always depends on the kind of music you want to make. I only came to game-music through Sleipnir.

How did you find your way to Sleipnir Dreamware? Was there free ice and beer? What have been your own gamedev-experiences so far?

  • Free ice would be great, but it would be melted before the boys would be able to bring it from their seats into my hands. xD We shall negotiate about Whisky as a beer-alternative though… Joking aside, I met the good MagicalSpaceWizard through Facebook even before Sleipnir was officially founded. He was looking for artists for the Bitterblossom artist collective and I was creating music for his game “Song of Calamity” as part of it. Back then “game music” had a different definition. People who know the soundtrack know that it’s more about rock music than about compositions. Rock/metal/alternative was looked for and therefore it was exactly my style. And I think I delivered quite well. I haven’t been delivering good with the RPG Maker 2000 though. I mean…. Of course I created 78 titles with it. None of them ever got into the internet though because my potato-pc had a bamboo-connection to the internet. Godzilla came before I was able to finish title 79 and seized my computer. He wanted to play cool games. xD Joking aside: It actually is my weak side to be focused on game development. When you think about the creative areas I have been active in and which tools the Maker offers I really should have been able to write one game or another in those past 20 years. I did some ventures into the “GameMaker” and “Sphere” but left again because of lack of time.

How did your composing develop over time? Did something change compared to earlier?

  • Of course the composing in a band was completely different to the scores now. As guitarist of a band I came to the sessions with a riff. The bassist does a cool bassline with it, the drummer finds a few cool grooves and the singer writes the text. You give each other input and with the ideas develop ideas for new parts, new songs or just replacements for a part that isn’t as cool anymore. Now I’m sitting alone in a way too small room with lower volume and look at the screens that show me a scene, characters, scripts or dialogues and try to find something that fits. Before I just brought a guitar riff and played it in a loop. Now I record something and listen to it in a loop. But I have to generate alone the further inputs. Nobody is there to tell me “hey this is really good.” or “man that’s bad, but try it like that.”. Now I discuss with myself what’s working and what not. And I realised again and again: Luckily I’m not playing in a band with myself. The others need to deal with me. xD But the style of the music pieces changed too. As I said, before it was rock music which were built up differently than the theme to the Hunter guild or the menu theme of the Hunter and now even sound effects and “ambient tracks” for the Hunter. Not music but sounds for atmosphere.

What’s your favourite sound that you created for the Hunter? Is there maybe even your voice hearable?

  • This is currently really the ambient track for the forest. I know how I recorded it and that it sounds THAT good as the background sound really surprised me. But it is nice to see how it fits. And yes, there are a few sounds that I created myself that are hearable. Two times my voice and one time my steps… I’m always working with my whole body. ^^

What have been your biggest inspirations when it comes to music? Do you have role models?

  • As musician for bands I took  Dimebag Darrell (RIP), the former guitarist from Pantera as huge role model. For compositions I like the music from John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones etc) and Hans Zimmer (Bladerunner 2049, Interstellar, Gladiator). I will never reach their quality because I lack the music training but they both wrote pieces that accompanied me while I grew up.

How long does it take to create a new sound? How long does the debugging of the sound take, so that everything sounds good in the game?

  • That depends on the wanted piece. I basically work until Sleipnir is happy with the sound. But first I need to be happy with it myself. For the fire effect I for example looked for small branches and broke them in detail work in front of my microphone (in different ways) then I listened through the complete recording to find the fitting sound. For some synthesizer sounds I recorded an 18 minutes “melody” and listened through it, cut the interesting pieces out and put it together again. On the other side can a track be good after 10 minutes after the first playing. Then comes the mixing and mastering, so the different elements fit together. That’s also a process that can take some time. In the end it depends on Sleipnir, if they are happy with that piece.

About priorities and other fabulous fantasies

That’s it for this week with our news?



We want to talk about our plans for the next few months as well.

At the top of the list is of course the release of the demo of “The Hunter of Falkenberg” on steam, followed by lore-development which will be presented on our website for the Hunter. Additionally we will work on the English translation of our gothic-RPG “Song of Calamity” which we also prepare for its steam-release. We have some news for people who fancy “Frostfate”. We are currently working on an extended version which will be released “soon”.

Shopping lists and priority lists are there to be worked on! Follow us to be part of our indiedev-journey and continue to support us in the amazing way you’re doing it! Thank you for your support and feedback!

Until then!!

Your Sleipnir-gang!

PS: Today’s news-header is from our youtube-video “The Hunters Guild”. You haven’t seen it yet? You can watch it here:


Newsletter: From A to Z, from Alpha to Omega

Hello dear Sleipnir-gang!

Two weeks are for some a long and for others a short time. But they are over now and therefore we want to share the general newsletter from SleipnirdreamwareHunter of the lost Alpha-Ark!

The past two weeks were all about the alpha-test of our 16 bit retro game “The Hunter of Falkenberg” . Everything? No! A small village…

Simple fixes like grammar or spelling mistakes were rather easy things that we were able to fix without a lot of effort. But when you can walk on trees or game objects in the world and our coder Mr. Fu needs three hours to fix it, it’s not an easy fix.

Over the trees! Here is endless freedom!

When we asked him where the problem was, we received the following answer:

“I have no idea. I looked for the reason for the sprites. Found it, removed a line of code. Since then it works.” 

Therefore: Genius work in progress!

We also will find out the reason for the double sprites. You’re not drunk, we can assure you!

HIC! I’m seeing double! It’s the wine’s fault!!

Good thing about those processes is that we’re growing as a team and keep improving. We’re learning the systems better and learning more about the code and then those funny pictures result which we can tweet and post about.

Talk to the Team (Tttt) – Making pixelart: Just moving one-colored squares?

Our good “The Hunter of Falkenberg” excels – among other things – for its great 16 bit retro look. Responsible for those mostly pixel-like characters and its animations is our good-evil pixeldemon Rasak. About time that we get him here to answer a few important questions.

Hi Rasak! Who are you in real life?

Hey! I’m Nick, a little German pixel-artist and game-dev at the best age of 26 years, star-sign gemini and I don’t even know my blood type. I don’t think I’m exciting enough to find any more things to say about me.

How did you get into pixelart? Why do you like it?

I have always been creative, possibly influenced by my elder brother and loved games. So the idea to create games on my own wasn’t far-fetched. I guess it’s the dream of many gamers. The engine I picked for myself came with it’s own graphic presets. But who wants to use standard stuff? So I started to replace those graphics. At the start it was not so… good but in time with some exercising and experience it got better. What do I like about pixeling? Hm.. Probably just creating things. Several graphics that make a world full of stories. And in the end I can say: “Look what I did!”

How did you get into Sleipnir Dreamware? What were your own gamedev-experiences?

Brace yourself for the epic story how Sleipnir recruited me:
I was asked and said yes. Yes, it was that exciting! Before that I created some graphics for Kevin (MagicalSpaceWizard) for his game “Song of Calamity” and edited some and one day he came and asked if I would want to do games together with him and André (Boandlkramer) with the ultimate goal to do it commercially eventually. And who says no when you can turn your hobby into your job?

How did your “Pixelart creating” develop over time? What changed compared to earlier?

Of course some things have changed. Slowly but steadily. I don’t even notice anymore but when I look at old pixel-art from me a year afterwards I just think: “What the heck did you do there…?
When I started I didn’t even pixel but painted pixel-like. I had no experience with pixel-art, so I just painted. And I tried that in “small”. It went pretty fast. And I can’t show anybody because it would be embarrassing!

What is your favourite pixel animation that you created for the Hunter?

Puh, I would need to look how much I actually created there. Is it cheating when I just pick the whole tavern “Forgotten Heroes”? There are so many different pieces in there that are one of the most beautiful rooms together where things happen in every corner. Different personas and characters… I could look at the screen the whole day.

What are your biggest inspirations when it comes to pixel-art? Do you have role-models?

Hmm, not really. I don’t have role models. I don’t follow other pixel artists really. I don’t wanna get influenced but create my own stuff. But I did get influenced by scenes in some games. No matter if it’s levels, characters or monsters that I liked enough so I remember them.

How long does it take to create a new pixel-character including movement? How long do you need to debug the movement?

If it’s only about a character standing and moving in 8 directions, then around eight hours. Of course depending how detailed and it needs to be. (And how motivated I am, but don’t tell anybody!)

Thank you for your time dear Rasak! Check out his assets HERE!

It’s raining men!

There isn’t anything going on besides the internal alpha test? Oh, there is! In “Song of Calamity” happened a bit too in the background. The community said, that there aren’t enough male characters in the game. And what does a good developer do, when he hears that? Right! Ignore it! Do something about it of course! And as a strong WIP we present that new, cool dude:

Doesn’t he look badass with his fancy biker-jacket? What kind of symbols are that? The signs of his defeated enemies? What is that on his back? Stay put for the next update and newsletter!

Once upon a time in Jam Land!

Pixel-master Rasak took part in a little game jam in the past weeks in a German RPG Maker Forums.

With Kuchisake Nighttrain he created a horror game that is based on a japanese fairy tale, with a very special atmosphere..

Daydreams of a writer

That shall be it for the past two weeks. The title-picture of today is from a past trivia tuesday about the earl of Bear Hollow. Check out the video on our youtube channel or click HERE!

We’re always glad when people follow us, message or communicate through one of our channels. Check out our info-page with all of our channels:

Take care!

Your Sleipnir-gang!

Dream Factory News 31.08.2021

Hello dear Sleipnir-comrades! Welcome to the first edition of the Dream Factory News (DFN), your Sleipnir news!

We intend to share our latest game development progress with you every two weeks. So, let’s get started:

Grow, dear team!

We’ve added two new members to the known faces André Schmidt aka Boandlkramer (Writer and CEO), Kevin Wolf aka MagicalSpaceWizard (Art Director), Dominik Klotz aka Rasak (Pixel Artist), Andre Kalwitzki aka Kalle (Music) and Stephanie Sh aka Seshomaru (Character Artist):

  • Markus Fu. aka Mr. Fu joins the team as an excellent coder who seems to be able to solve all problems. YAY!
  • Tobias S. aka Dizzy is ready to expand our community (& social media) and to entertain them with cool stuff (management). He isn’t ready for duty as a coding beginner just yet, but working on it!.

We are hoping that we can increase the quality of our games for you by expanding our team with skilled members from all over the world!

Projects, increase yourself!

Our project portfolio continues to grow. Besides our main project, “The Hunter of Falkenberg” we’re working on “Song of Calamity” (by our dear Wizard), “Frostfate” (Rasak’s project) and our GMTK Jam 2021 project “The Hunter of Falkenberg – Rite of Sundering” (mostly known as Rite of Sundering) and most recently the already known “Astendir – the Fallen Kingdom” from our Boandlkramer. 

However at the top of our priority list is currently the release of the new demo-version of the Hunter of Falkenberg and to promote it for further success. But we think it is always a good thing to work on a few projects at the same time in different stages of development..

Hunter of Falkenberg Progress

Here we had really a lot of progress, but slow down with the eight-legged horses!

Let’s start with the most important news:

The upcoming free demo will be released on Steam! This is a very important step for us and we’re really excited that we’re at this point now. We keep you updated of course!

We’re now in the alpha-test-phase. The translation took longer than planned and since we wanted to offer the demo also in German this required a lot of work also in the coding area to properly implement the different languages for the menus etc.

Here we got a few impressions from our Boandlkramer where you can see how funny translating can be:

“I’ll do that later. Have to translate further.”

“Sorry, my head is buzzing after 6 hours of translating and I’m still on it.”

“I have to translate. Got enough on my plate.”

“I have to translate.”

“Well, I will continue to translate.”

“I’m going to play a bit. 4 hours of translating have to be enough”

That’s how the real fun looks!

The menus changed a lot compared to the jam-version. The feeling to really have a book with you while travelling helps a lot with the immersion.

New menu (the spikes above are from the map, not from the menu!)

Are we finished with everything and will the demo be released soon? Unfortunately not! There are a few graphic assets missing and a bit of coding stuff that needs to be finished while we’re alpha testing. Afterwards there will be the beta-test-phase. You want to join the tester-team? Visit our Discord-server! Every helping hand is welcome!

Happenings in Rite of Sundering

A lot of things changed in the spin-off to our “The Hunter of Falkenberg” since the jam-release. We recently released the “after-game-jam” update with bugfixes and German and even Bavarian translation. The performance increased however we’re not yet at the niveau where we want it to be. But we’re content with the release in general now since it is an important part of our Hunter universe.

Lilly, slaughterer of highscores.

We will continue to optimize it and are grateful for feedback.

Meow-ish “Song of Calamity”-News

Many things changed and happened to our classic turn-based gothic RPG “Song of Calamity”. Our magical SpaceWizard is constantly working on it and adds new features and on the new episode. For example is our cat-companion Maurice helping with finding map exits now.

There are also new artworks made by the Wizard, that even made it to be a game-dev-meme!

You can look forward to the next episode! The English localisation is already in development!

Luicid last words

This shall be enough for new input. There are many more things to tell but we think this is enough for a new summary now.

We’re always happy when people follow us, write to us or communicate in any way. Check our info-site with all important channels, where we’re at:

Until then!

Your Sleipnir-gang!

Devblog 26.04.2021

Hey guys! Today we want to share the current progress of our game “The Hunter of Falkenberg“ in our devblog.

It’s been a few days since our last blog and update, so we think it is about time to bring you to the current status.

All busts have been reworked and are finished. Additionally to the ones from Sigurd and Lilly a few important NPCs got busts now as well. Some have been showed already on the screenshot-saturdays.

Some cutscenes will have artworks and videos, those are finished as well. We won’t show most of them, as to not spoil anything from the game to you.

We’re making good progress with the pixel-art, Rasak has been and is working constantly on the new character-sprites. But there is still a good way to go until things are finished, as there are a few hundred sprites to be done.

We start to implement the new dialogues, cutscenes and game-mechanics this week. First the English version, and later then in German, as the game will be released bilingual.

So, that’s it for this blog-post. We will post the next devblog when the next construction-site has been finished.

If you want to get instant updates of our development-progress please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and join our Discord-server. There we share screenshots, artworks and other updates frequently and you can ask questions, make suggestions and just interact with our development-team.

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in our game!

Have a nice week

Your Sleipnir-Dreamware-Team

Song of calamity | soundtrack released

Hi everybody!

We just released the official SONG OF CALAMITY OST!
The final 1.0 Beta, which will be the base for our kickstarter campaign, will feature 22 original songs. (Of which 18 are ready right now, so better start listening right now!)

The Sountracks feature a vide variety of genres, including rock, metal, jazz, industrial and psytrance.

The songs will be your company while you traverse through the everchanging forest Nimmerend, a manifestation of human subconsciousness, in SONG OF CALAMITY!