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Trivia-tuesday | Hunter-guild

Welcome to our new #TriviaTuesday​​ series! In this series we release videos, texts and music to flesh out informations about our games! “The Hunters Guild” from “The Hunter of Falkenberg” is this weeks video!

The guild will make it´s debut in the next version 1.1, which will be released in 2021 on Steam and

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Thank you for your interest in our game!

Devblog 5.3.21

Hey guys! Today we want to share the current progress of our game “The Hunter of Falkenberg“.

As you know we released the game for the 2021 retro-jam in not even two weeks of constant crunch.

After a week pause and rest we started to work hard on the new version.

Besides bugfixing, balancing and polishing, the game will get a massive update, new content, new characters, new quests. And not only that, the already existing maps, characters and quests will be expanded as well.

We started to share screenshots on the newly introduced #ScreenshotSaturday on Twitter and will start some lore-informations beginning tomorrow on our social-media channels for the newly introduced #TriviaTuesday.

So far we completed the soundtrack, new busts for Sigurd, Lilly and some important NPCs. The writing is finished, it’s just waiting for the final proofreading. Rasak is currently in pixel-hell and creates the new and reworked character-sprites. The leveldesign/mapping is done and we start to implement them into the project and fill it with life next week. We removed all witcher-references, as to underline that this is our own, original, project.

So, when can you expect the release? Thats hard to tell. We’re working hard on it but want to release it in the best version possible. We will announce the release-date as soon as we start the alpha-tests. From there the public release is probably two to three weeks away.

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in our game!

Have a nice week

Your Sleipnir-Dreamware-Team