After a long time, Arturius returns to his former homeland, the frostlands. Looking for a place to wait out the coming snowstorms, he crosses path with a mysterious woman, with who is more connected to his fate as it seems.…

FrostFate is at the moment only available in German and was created for the 2021 Winter-Jam in a german dev-forum. The game will be expanded and translated to English in the coming weeks.


A tactical battle-system!
Fight directly on the map and use the environment to your advantage. Use the strengths of your character and the weaknesses of each enemy to win against the creatures of the mountains.
(The provided Screenshots are still work in progress and not yet implemented in the released game version)

Selfmade Graphics:
Everything in this game was self-created and the world of FrostFate is filled with countless little details which invite to explore.

Play now the German Jam-Edition:

A Rasak-Game in cooperation with Sleipnir-Dreamware

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