Trivia Tuesday | Switchblade, the homicidal murder fairy

Welcome to our new #TriviaTuesday​​ series, in which we release videos, texts and music to flesh out some characters, events or places of our games every tuesday!

This time you get to know Switchblade, one of the playable characters of “Song of Calamity”. Learn more about our 16bit turn based RPG at The beta version in german language will be released this month. Translation to english already started and will hit Steam later in 2021!

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new webcomic

Kevin Wolf presets What I think at midnight ! The webcomic, that fleshes out the world of our indie video game Song of Calamity, can now be read right here.

Author and artist Kevin Wolf (www.kü, the art director of SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE, is creating this ongoing webseries since march 2020. Each chapter concludes the story of one of the games characters, events or places. The fall of the Butterfly marks the start! In the first chapter of this webcomic the reader can learn all about a poor soul that sought the void of death, only to stumble into the world behind the veil, a manifestation of humanity´s collective subconsciousness.

This dark and twisted webcomic utilizes phantastic imagery of traditional german expressionism and mixes it up with psychedelic colors, patterns and elements. The art of the comic pages are created with Wolf´s recognizable mix of photography, photo-bashing (with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom and ProCreate) and digital painting. This unique mix of image manipulation and traditional art is what makes this comic so special. Just as the world behind the veil is a blend of reality and fantasy, is the artstyle an expression of even that all by itself.

All comic pages are provided as high resolution and very detailed images and sorted into their associated chapters. Every chapter is about one event or character, but all chapters will tie together eventually.

Check out the latest page and read the whole story up to that point here!

What I think at midnight page 15
What I think at midnight page 15

If you want to learn more about our game studio SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE and our games check out our homepage. We hope you enjoy our free webcomic! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

– The Sleipnir Team

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Devblog 5.3.21

Hey guys! Today we want to share the current progress of our game “The Hunter of Falkenberg“.

As you know we released the game for the 2021 retro-jam in not even two weeks of constant crunch.

After a week pause and rest we started to work hard on the new version.

Besides bugfixing, balancing and polishing, the game will get a massive update, new content, new characters, new quests. And not only that, the already existing maps, characters and quests will be expanded as well.

We started to share screenshots on the newly introduced #ScreenshotSaturday on Twitter and will start some lore-informations beginning tomorrow on our social-media channels for the newly introduced #TriviaTuesday.

So far we completed the soundtrack, new busts for Sigurd, Lilly and some important NPCs. The writing is finished, it’s just waiting for the final proofreading. Rasak is currently in pixel-hell and creates the new and reworked character-sprites. The leveldesign/mapping is done and we start to implement them into the project and fill it with life next week. We removed all witcher-references, as to underline that this is our own, original, project.

So, when can you expect the release? Thats hard to tell. We’re working hard on it but want to release it in the best version possible. We will announce the release-date as soon as we start the alpha-tests. From there the public release is probably two to three weeks away.

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in our game!

Have a nice week

Your Sleipnir-Dreamware-Team

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Sleipnir Dreamware website online!

We are happy to welcome you on our brand new studio homepage!
On this page we will post regular updates regarding the progress of development on our featured games, backstage stuff and articles about other different and exciting projects.

Celebrate with us by checking out our games The Hunter of Falkenberg, Song of Calamity and Frostfate. If you want to get in touch make sure to join our Discord Server and to subscribe to our Newsletter!

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FrostFate is now playable

Check out FrostFate, a free-to-play German indiegame about Arturius and Syrena. It was initially created for the 2021 winter-jam, which was hosted in a German dev-forum. It placed second in this competition.


After a long time, Arturius returns to his former homeland, the frostlands. Looking for a place to wait out the coming snowstorms, he crosses path with a mysterious woman, with who is more connected to his fate as it seems.…

For more Information:

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The Hunter of Falkenberg

The Hunter of Falkenberg was created by SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE for the Itch Retro Jam 2021.

In this shortgame you play as Sigurd von Falkenberg, a hunter, well versed in killing monsters of all kind. But you are no hero. Hunters only work for coin and are rarely welcome anywhere. Their secret occult techniques allow them to absorb monster abilities and so they are feared and hated by most of their customers, who see them as degenerated abominations. Only the steady demand of Sigurds proficient skills in combat and magical-annihilation stands between him and the ever daunting threat of becoming an outlaw.

Accompanied by his apprentice Lilly, a young , very talented and sometimes rather cocky, Hunter aspirant, they travel into the haunted Blackswamp to save the dwellers of the village Usdir from an ancient evil…
and empty their pockets.

The Hunter of Falkenberg Alpha Release Trailer

The Hunter of Falkenberg was developed to comply to the technical limitations of the retro gaming console XBOX.

 is a newly formed indie studio from Germany. To discuss The Hunter of Falkenberg and for more information on their upcoming games, you can join their discord at

NSFW Warning:
The game contains pixelated blood and gore

How to play & Controls:
The game can be controlled by Gamepad or Mouse/Keyboard combo.

Gamepad controls:
Analogue stick – Movement
D-Pad – Cycle Skills
A – Action
B – Menu
Y – Use Skill
X – Attack
LB – Dash
RB – Switch Skills
LT – Switch Command
RT – Change target

Keyboard/Mouse controls:
WASD – Move
Shift – Dash
Mouse – Click to attack and use GUI skills
Number keys: Use skills from skill bar
Space bar: Talk / Inspect
F4: Fullscreen

Arrow keys: Navigate menu

Further Info:
Playtime estimated at 30 minutes. 
The game has an auto-save feature and saves on each map.
Virus warnings when executing the game on Windows operating systems can be ignored, as they are false alerts which may occur due to our customized icon.

For an overview of the credits please use the in-game credit option. For jam purposes: Pre existing tilesets and animations have been used. All sprites and artworks were created for the jam.

Hunter of Falkenberg © 2021 Sleipnir Dreamware

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Welcome to Sleipnir-Dreamware!

Did you ever wonder what happens, when a wizarddeath and a demon team up? Then you’re at the perfect place! We’re three indie-game-devs from Germany, who decided to create games together! 

Our names are Boandlkramer (bavarian name for the grim reaper), Magical Space Wizard and Rasak (our demon). 

Our passion and intention is to create memorable and unique game-experiences.

Please follow us on our Itch profile and get notified when we have new releases! 

Also join our Discord, if you´re brave enough..

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Indie game studio from Germany. We create classic role playing game experiences for everybody to enjoy!