Song of Calamity

“Song of Calamity – Music, Paranormal Events & Sinister Fairies” is a role playing game with pixel anime graphics inspired by classic turn based 16 bit RPGs.

It´s currently in development since march 2020 and in version beta 1.0. A playable demo of the beta release in german language is coming in Q2 2021, followed by the english version and Kickstarter campaign to fund it soon. The game will be released on PC and Mac. 

The Plot

The orphan girl Calamity is a child of two worlds. Half human, half fae, she is endowed with supernatural powers. Among her special eyes, that can see more than should be possible for a mortal,  she is able to freely traverse between the human world and the fairy realm by tearing open temporary portals, called rifts.

Together with her faithful yet mysterious shadow cat Maurice she sets out on a journey to find her place in the world and to learn more about her unknown and puzzling past.
Not only are dark fairies to be beaten up, that are manifestations of traumata, addictions and mental illnesses of the human subconsciousness, but she also founds a sweet punk rock band along the way. 

United by music and the goal to achieve something in the tough music business, they are confronted with all sorts of strange events of cosmic scale that they can only survive together.

Calamity and Maurice enjoying a well deserved moment of peace


– Original soundtrack composed by the BITTERBLOSSOM artist collective and friends
– Dark & psychedelic art and animated video sequences by K.Wolf (www.kü
– Experience a unique coming of age story with elemnts of Gothic, Punk, Horror, Mystery and SciFi elements!
– Travel between Midgard, the human world, the fairy realm behind the veil and other strange places.
– Find new friends that not only help you in battle but can also play various instruments in the band you are forming in the human world! Find the best members to create your sound to beat the grande upcoming battle of the bands!
– Battle manifested enemys in the fairy realm in a turn order battle system, where your strategy determines the turn order of the next one!
– Darkness or light? Your decisions determine which kind of friends you attract.

Beta 1.0 demo features:

– Find up to 5 playable characters!
– Beat 3 tough bosses (plus 4 secret hidden ones! Psst!)
– Find 10 collectible comic pages!
– Venture into the deep forest Nimmerend in the realm behind the veil.

The game will have a unique soundtrack, filled to the brim with songs of various genres like orchestral, EDM, Rock, Metal, Industrial, Noise and Ambient!


Not only is music one of the main themes of the game, but there will be a heavy focus on creating an amazing and unique Soundtrack. Together with bands of many genres the OST will be a spectacular mix of music. Expect to get blown away by an OST inspired by metal, rock, alternative, elektro, psytrance, orchestral, hiphop, industrial and many more genres!

For more information and a large art gallery visit the games website!

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